Thursday, October 15, 2009

I thought teachers wanted parents to come to the schools

I received an e-mail from a person looking for volunteer advice. They want to help out in their child’s classroom, but the teacher won’t give them anything to do:

I sent my daughter’s teacher a very nice e-mail at the beginning of the school year to tell her I was looking forward to helping out. Weeks passed and she never called. Before I knew it the first grading period was over. I saw other parents in other classrooms doing reading groups, marking papers, flash cards etc..., so I became a little more aggressive and sent her some parts of your list of 50 ways parents can help schools and told her what days I could come in.

We agreed on two days (1 hour each day). I go in and she’s got nothing. She apologies and said she is not used to parents asking to help. But she still has not come up with much of anything for me to help with. She does not have any other volunteers in the classroom and I am at a loss. I thought teachers wanted parents to come to the schools. Stephanie, can you offer any advice?