Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is the impact of school closings on students?

Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”) have been dealing with school closings for years now. In 1988, when parents saw that sweeping changes were needed to improve their schools, they began to meet and formed school reform groups. Today they are organized as Parents United for Responsible Education (“PURE”) and they continue to advocate on behalf of schools; their parents; and teachers. PURE has been instrumental in the development of the CPS School Closings Policy and are now looking for the data to show what impact the closings are having on their students.

As District 150 has been closing schools for several years now, they too should have a wealth of data available about the impact of school closings on our students. Here is the data PURE is requesting from CPS:

•How many students dropped out instead of going to their receiving school?
•Did any students lose academic ground as a result of their transition to a different school?
•Did any students experience bullying or other acts of violence, or report feeling less safe in their receiving school?
•Did students in the receiving schools experience problems?
•What are the demographics?

If District 150 is not tracking this information – now would be the perfect time to begin.

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