Friday, September 25, 2009

State Representative Jehan Gordon - Racing to the Top

State Representative, Jehan Gordon sits on the Race to the Top Committee and is working with the Illinois State Board of Education to ensure that Peoria schools are not overlooked. To follow is a short statement from Representative Gordon regarding her commitment to RT3:

As you probably know, Race To The Top (RTTT) is a federal initiative that has been provided by the American Recovery Reinvestment Act that was passed by Congress earlier this year. The Obama administration has created an opportunity through this legislation for many states to change the paradigm of the way that education has traditionally been looked at for the last four or five decades.

The State of Illinois was granted this stimulus money that each individual District must compete for. There will only be 20 districts in the state that will receive RTTT funds and I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that our district gets this opportunity. I have been involved in RTTT since day one and I am extremely excited about what it could do for our educational system.

A strategic team has been put in place for RTTT. This money will flow through the Illinois State Board of Education and as a State Representative, I will be in constant contact with that agency and utilize every resource that I have in Springfield to best position our community for this phenomenal opportunity. This is a team effort and it will require hard work on behalf of many people to get this done. I am up for the challenge because the reward--our children receiving the kind of education that we all can be proud of--is the ultimate prize!

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